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When Is it Time for Pool Deck Resurfacing?

Resurfacing your pool deck may be the last thing you want to think about. While pool deck resurfacing is an investment, it doesn’t have to cost as much as you think and it can completely transform your pool decking to make your pool something you actually want to show off and enjoy again. Here are five signs that it’s time to give your concrete a new look.

#1. Your Concrete Has Extensive Cracks
All concrete cracks but these cracks can become an eyesore, especially when they are extensive. When your concrete pool deck has many hairline cracks, they can be covered with a microtopping, one of the most affordable pool deck resurfacing solutions. Larger cracks will need to be repaired with a special crack filler product. This can leave noticeable repair work that can be covered with concrete resurfacing.

#2. You Have Spalling
Spalling happens when water enters the concrete and makes the surface flake or peel. Spalling can be the result of many issues but it often happens due to the alkalis and carbon dioxide in the concrete interacting and forcing water to enter cracks. This surface failure is very common, especially in areas with freeze-thaw cycles like Fort Wayne, IN. One of the most effective solutions for correcting spalling and restoring your pool deck’s beautiful appearance is resurfacing the concrete. A concrete overlay is a cost-effective solution that makes your concrete look like new again — or you can give your concrete a new look while fixing the spalling with a stained, stamped concrete overlay.

#3. Your Concrete’s Texture Has Worn Down
Over time, the once-safe texture of your concrete can wear down with foot traffic and age. When your concrete pool deck surface becomes too smooth, it becomes a serious slip hazard. Resurfacing your concrete can give you a safe, skid-resistant texture that reduces the risk of an injury around the pool.

#4. You’re Ready for a New Look
Maybe your concrete is showing its age and looking worn, but maybe you’re just ready for something new. One of the best reasons to resurface your pool deck is because you want a fun, new look. By resurfacing your pool deck, you can upgrade from a drab, gray slab to the look of flagstone, wood planks, pavers, and more with stamped concrete or the vibrant color and unique texture of a microtopping.

#5. The Weather Is Right
The best time to resurface concrete is when the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and will stay higher than 40 degrees for the next one to two days at least. It’s best for the work to be performed when the pool area will be shaded and it won’t rain for at least 8 hours after the concrete is resurfaced.