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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring
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Epoxy Flooring Fort Wayne

Are you tired of seeing the same old flooring systems all the time? Ready for a renowned flooring that can outperform all the traditional flooring systems all while looking better as well? Well for our neighbors in Fort Wayne, you can finally have that flooring! We are offering our epoxy flooring systems at astoundingly low rates! Our flooring systems can:
  • Improve Concretes Performance
  • Increase Safety Levels
  • Last Decades!
We have all the information you need about our epoxy flooring down below:
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    Where Can Epoxy Flooring Be Used?

    Contrary to popular belief, there are many areas of the world that epoxy floor coatings can be considered viable. This is because of the overall durability and other benefits that you will learn about down below. For now, here are a few examples of where our epoxy floor coating systems are tried and trusted:
    • Warehouses
    • Basements
    • Living Areas
    • Aircraft Hangars
    • Veterinary Offices
    • Garage Floor Epoxy
    • Commercial Auto Garages
    • Retail And Grocery Stores
    • Food And Beverage Processing Plants
    Fort Wayne Epoxy Flooring

    How Epoxy Can Benefit Your Home And Business

    According to all of our past clients, the best part of having a new epoxy floor coating installed in either your home or business is the wide arrange of benefits you stand to gain from epoxy. While epoxy coatings are most commonly regarded for its insane weight tolerance and durability, there is just so much more to love about our epoxies. Because of the sheer amount of benefits associated with our epoxy flooring systems, we have taken the liberty in outlining only the best benefits that you stand to gain from using one of our epoxy floors in Fort Wayne down below!
    Epoxy Concrete Floor
    Improved Durability
    One of the most well-known features of epoxy coatings is the overall durability of the flooring system. Heres what epoxy flooring can do for your concrete:
    • The epoxy floor is capable of withstanding damage from heavy vehicle and foot traffic, an assortment of dropped objects and the effects of daily wear and tear
    • Epoxy flooring has a weight tolerance of 25,000 PSI which is massive compared to concretes 3,500 PSI tolerance
    • Our epoxy floor coatings are capable of withstanding damage from sources like fire and even from electricity is small doses
    Epoxy Concrete Floor Fort Wayne
    Chemical Resistance
    Though some floorings say they are chemical resistant, epoxy is the top flooring system for resistance to harsh chemicals. Here is what epoxy offers:
    • Epoxy is capable of resisting damage from sources including corrosive liquids, lubricants, oils and even from chemicals like gasoline or brake cleaners in our trusted garage floor epoxy
    • All chemicals and moisture for that matter will be isolated on the nonporous top coat of epoxy for way cleanup and disposal
    • We can formulate your epoxy to be resistant to specific chemicals for settings that use a chemical regularly.
    Basement Epoxy
    Basement Waterproofing
    An overlooked benefit of using basement epoxy flooring is the capability to act as a basement waterproofing agent. Heres how you can benefit from a basement waterproofing procedure:
    • Our basement epoxy is able to block out all moisture from the concrete slab, resulting in a much more comfortable basement with noticeably less humidity
    • Along with basement waterproofing, our basement epoxy flooring is also resistant to all forms of mold and mildew
    • Don’t love the look of epoxy? We offer our vapor lock epoxy that can be used as a base for traditional flooring
    Epoxy Flooring Contractors
    Unlimited Customization
    Another reason why so many people are using epoxy floor coatings is for their large level of possible customization. Here are a few ways you could customize your epoxy:
    • For commercial epoxy, garage floor epoxy and other forms of residential epoxy we offer a wide selection of base colors, multi or single colored flakes and metallic pigments that you will learn more about soon
    • For industrial epoxy flooring, we can use stencils to create barriers, walkways and even text for your industrial facility
    • We even offer the ability to have logos directly installed!
    Epoxy Floor Installers
    Increased Safety
    Not only can an epoxy floor make your home or business facility stronger and more attractive, but it can also actually make any setting they are placed in safer and here’s how:
    • Epoxy is able to make an area it is placed in up to 300 % brighter with your existing lighting source making it easier to see
    • Epoxy is able to offer an extremely slip and skid resistant surface. If you deal with moist environments we offer an additive that gives the epoxy texture that makes it safe to walk on when wet
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
    Easy To Maintain
    The feature that most home and business owners love about epoxy flooring is the easy maintenance so here’s what is like:
    • There are no messy waxes or polishes associated with epoxy flooring so you don’t need any fancy equipment!
    • The first process is sweeping the floor and this should be done with a soft bristle broom or dust mop as stiff bristles can leavy mynute scratches in the epoxy
    • After the floor is free of contaminants, you can simply use a standard wet mop to finish off the maintenance of the epoxy floor
    Epoxy Flooring Companies
    Commercial and industrial facilities use commercial epoxy and industrial epoxy widely for this reason alone. Heres what you need to know about the hygiene of epoxy:
    • Commercial epoxy and industrial epoxy are one of the few flooring systems to be approved by the USDA for use in sensitive areas
    • The surface of our flooring system is able to be rapidly cleaned and disinfected thanks to its seamless and uniform surface.
    • Because of the nonporous nature of epoxy, the flooring is stain resistant!
    Residential Epoxy Flooring
    Types Of Epoxy Floors
    Contrary to popular belief, there is an epoxy system for nearly every setting possible. A wise man once said that epoxy can be placed anywhere concrete can be placed or anywhere you want to place concrete and that couldn’t be any more true thanks to the innovations of today. Because of the sheer number of epoxy flooring systems on the market, here are the most popular that you can see on our site today: Use concrete coatings inside and outside your home, check out the homepage to learn more!
    • Industrial Epoxy
    • Residential Epoxy
    • Metallic Epoxy
    • Basement Epoxy
    • Garage Floor Epoxy
    • Commercial Epoxy Flooring