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      Pool Deck Resurfacing Fort Wayne. Indiana

      Superior materials for your pool deck here in Fort Wayne, Indiana
      Pool Deck Resurfacing Dallas
      If you’re looking for a transformation for your backyard landscape, and your pool deck isn’t quite cutting it anymore, let us help you. You do not need to completely rip out your concrete pool deck surface to have a beautifully functioning deck, small but important repairs can be all that you need or a simple resurfacing job.
      • Pool Deck Resurfacing
      • Pool Deck Pavers
      • Pool Deck Repair
      • Pool Deck Crack Repair
      • Stamped Concrete Pool Decks
      • Sundek
      • Pool Deck Sealing
      Here is what you’re looking for!
      Transform your backyard right now!
      We can make your pool deck surface look like anything you want! A well-installed pool deck can last for 20-years without peeling, chipping, or fading. If you’re looking for a new pool deck surface, you’ve come to the best place.
      Instead of ripping out the entire concrete pool deck to install another flooring system, let us help you, resurfacing is a much better option. No matter what look or color you’re looking for, our craftsmanship can make it happen. Resurfacing your pool deck comes with many benefits like:
      • Affordability, $3-$5 per square foot
      • Can mimic wood, stone, brick, or tile surfaces
      • Can be installed with anti-slip features
      • Resistant to chemical-water damage
      • Quick and eco-friendly option
      There is truly no need to spend thousands of dollars on remodeling your pool deck. Sometimes surface level issues are simply aesthetic and can be easily fixed by professionals, such as ourselves. Pool deck repairs include:
      • Crack repairs
      • Discoloration repairs
      • Acrylic repairs
      • Resurfacing
      • Sealing
      Pool Deck Crack Repair
      Cracks can be like pesky flies that seem to just multiply without you ever noticing until there are too many of them to count. Don’t let this happen to your pool deck, surface level cracks are simply aesthetic issues and we can help you with that. Cracks do not simply go away, do not let them become damaging to your foundation. Why should you have the cracks on your pool deck surface repaired?
      • Water in your cracks will freeze and expand
      • The freeze-thaw cycle can be harmful to your concrete surface
      • Cracks are dangerous for bare feet
      • Chemical water can seep through the cracks caused foundation issues
      Pool Deck Pavers
      When choosing additives for your landscape, it is important to have a professional do any and all of the installations. Pool deck pavers are no different! Pool deck pavers materials are great for different environments and climates. Some of the benefits of pool deck pavers include:
      • Safety: non-slip, heat-resistance, seamlessness
      • Quickly installed
      • Easily repaired
      • Versatility
      • Long-lifespan
      • Crack-resistant
      Some of the materials pavers can mimic include:
      • Brick
      • Stone
      • Wood
      Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
      Stamped concrete pool decks are highly durable and extremely beautiful surfaces that are quickly and affordably installed. Stamped concrete has become one of the most popular options for pool deck surfaces because of its versatility in appearance and long lifespan.
      • Increase your property value by 15%
      • Mimic stone, brick, and wood
      • Non-grid and grit additive
      • Resistant to fading
      • UV-ray resistant
      Invented in the 1970s, Sundek has been one popular textured overlay for many decades. Decorative options are also available for pool deck surfaces. Sundek surfaces can be:
      • Slip-resistant
      • Unique textures
      • Economical
      • Customizable

      Affordable craftsmanship for you and your pool deck surface

      Pool Deck Resurfacing, Fort Wayne, Indiana
      Your pool deck is important to us. Increase your property value, curb appeal, and safety for your backyard landscape.
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      Resealing Concrete Pool Deck
      Is sealing your pool deck concrete important? YES! Sealing concrete is extremely important and vital to the long-term survival of your concrete slab. Pool decks are exposed to natural elements and chemicals from pool water on a daily basis that destroys concrete unless it is properly protected by a sealing agent. Concrete is an extremely porous surface that can be damaged by:
      • Water
      • Pool chemicals
      • Saltwater
      • Rain
      • Debris
      • Sun-rays
      When you seal off a concrete surface you create a resistant environment that will not be habitable by mold or mildew. Sealing your concrete is important because:
      • Water-resistant
      • Impact-resistant
      • Scratch-resistant
      • UV-ray-resistant
      • It becomes uninhabitable by bacteria
      Why Should You Choose Pool Deck Resurfacing Fort Wayne?
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      For our commercial and residential clients, we want you to know we are here to help your pool deck dreams come true. We know how quickly a pool deck can go from great to bad and we are here to help.
      • Pool deck resurfacing is a low investment for a high return
      • We are affordable and efficient
      • We are licensed and professional
      • Pool deck crack repair is important for long-term happiness
      • Sealing your concrete is crucial for your concrete
      • We have been working in concrete for over 15-years
      • High-performing materials for low-end prices
      • Knowledgeable and friendly service
      • We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction
      Our Service Areas
      Even though our company is based out of Fort Wayne, we offer our award-winning concrete finishes to a wider scope of residents in Indiana. If you are located in the following areas, we can come to you!
      Fort Wayne
      New Haven
      Columbia City

      Professional Affordable, And Reliable.

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