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Pool Deck Resurfacing Fort Wayne, Indiana

Pool Deck Resurfacing
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Pool Deck Resurfacing Fort Wayne
We don’t realize how important our pool decks are to the overall health and appearance of our backyard landscapes. Weather changes, hot and cold, can have serious negative effects on the appearance and functionality of our concrete pool decks.
As a dedicated concrete company, we know just how to ensure your pool decks longevity as well as increasing your property value. For more information on our residential and commercial services, give our professionals a call today!
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    Why should you have your pool deck resurfaced?
    Having your residential or commercial pool deck resurfaced is a smart and valuable investment:
    • Raises property value
    • Elongates your current concrete pool decks lifespan
    • Unlimited design and texture options
    • Creates a strong and resistant environment
    • Lasts over a decade
    • Low investment for a high return
    • Quickly and easily installed
    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Choosing a professional concrete pool deck company to resurface your pool deck is an important decision. Our team is made up of professionals who are dedicated to the success of your pool deck both short and long-term. We offer high-end high-performing materials for low-end prices and we want you to feel good about that fact. Our team is an honest, hard-working, and here for your kind of group. For more information on pool deck resurfacing and our professionalism, give our representatives a call today!
    Concrete Pool Deck
    Slip-resistant Pool Deck
    When the time comes, our pools becomes wet and slippery! This can cause major issues for children and those of us a little less stable on our feet. Don’t let your pool deck surface be a dangerous place for anyone! Have a textured surface installed today to help reduce the possibility of accidents, easily achieved by resurfacing a concrete pool deck
    Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Save time & money with Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Old designs that have been long exposed to UV-rays, pool chemicals, and the wear and tear of heavy use need to be resurfaced to rejuvenate them. Concrete alone can be a delicate surface unless it is professionally handled. Resurfacing your deck saves time and money when compared to completely replacing the surface, almost more than two weeks’ worth of saving.
    Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost
    Pool Deck Resurfacing is affordable
    Resurfacing your pool deck is unimaginably affordable, starting around $4 per square foot and increasing depending on the complexity of the work desired. A pool deck is part of your backyard landscape, thus it can either increase your property value by 15% or devalue it. Pool deck resurfacing compared to the starting price $3,000 to completely replace the pool deck.
    Cool Pool Deck Coating
    Less Money, Eco-friendly, Pool Deck
    Reduce the number of materials used for your pool deck to contribute to a greener footprint. When you choose to resurface a pool deck you are lessening the materials that would otherwise be used to completely replace it. With fewer materials comes less labor and with less labor comes less money! Basically, if you want a long-lasting affordable pool deck, there is no reason not to resurface. For more information about your pook deck resurfacing and repair options, take a look at our homepage!
    Pool Deck Resurfacing Options
    Customizable Pool Deck
    Concrete resurfacing is the best decision for anyone who truly wants the freedom to redesign their pool deck without having to spend a fortune to do so. Concrete does not have to be dull and grey, however, it can be bright and unique. Resurfacing your concrete pool deck means your deck can have the appearance and texture of:
    • Brick
    • Tile
    • Wood
    • Stone
    Cool Deck For Pools
    Heat Resistant
    Any other material that you could possibly install:
    • Brick
    • Bare concrete
    • Wood
    • Stone
    All absorb heat from the sun while it is beating down. This is a situation where being barefoot on your pool deck can become very uncomfortable and, in some cases, dangerous. Resurface your concrete pool deck and use materials that can be delicate for everyone’s feet. When a pool deck is resurfaced the material is easier to walk on and much more comfortable because it stays cooler.
    Cool Deck Pool
    Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
    Stamped concrete has the added bonus of being exceptionally easy to install and surprisingly long-lasting because it is incredibly affordable. You can have your pool deck resemble:
    • Natural Slate
    • Flagstone
    • Brick
    • Different colors
    Pavers Over Concrete Pool Deck
    Pool Deck Pavers
    Pavers can look like stone, tile, or brick and can be designed to have any color or texture you wish for your concrete pool deck. Pool deck pavers are fantastic options because they create safe non-slip surfaces that keep everyone who uses your pool comfortable and safe. They are:
    • Easily repaired
    • Easily removed
    • Quickly installed
    • Have long lifespans
    • Much more durable than tile or wood