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Pool Deck Repair

Pool Deck Repair
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Pool Deck Repair Fort Wayne
No matter how well it was installed or how well it has been taken care of, damage to the concrete pool deck is just a part of life. Where other contractors in Fort Wayne will try to make you tear out your pool deck at the slightest sight of cracking, we are here with a more affordable option of pool decking repair. We can repair:
  • Cracking And Gouging
  • Peeling And Delaminating
  • Fading And Resealing
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    What Is Pool Deck Repair?
    Pool deck repair is one of the options you have for your damaged pool deck. Repairing your pool deck is for minor damage, resurfacing is for minor to medium damage and the replacement if your deck is for extensive damage. Here is what to look out for when looking over your pool deck:
    • Minor To Medium Level Cracking
    • Pool Deck Separation From The Pool
    • Coatings Peeling Or Delaminating From Concrete
    • Sealers Or Paints Fading Away
    • Scorching Hot Pool Decking
    • Slippery Decking
    • Water Damage
    Pool Deck Repair Fort Wayne
    Why You Should Repair Your Pool Deck
    Thankfully, the signs that your pool deck needs to be repaired are fairly obvious as you have seen above. But, how can these signs effect us when they are on the pool decking and what will change after they have been repaired. So down below we have taken the liberty in outlining the three most common forms of damage to outline how these damages can harm you and your pool In Fort Wayne. After the forms of damage, we have even outlined the benefits that you stand to gain from having your pool deck in Fort Wayne, IN repaired by the true professionals!
    Cracks are the most common form of damage found on concrete pool decking and are the culprit of many poolside accidents. Here is how cracks can affect your pool deck:
    • Not only are cracked pool decks an eyesore, but they can also even pose to be majorly unsafe as tripping hazards
    • Cracks are capable of causing irreparable damage to your concrete pool deck by allowing water under the decking. Water can move the base of the concrete, causing extensive structural damage
    • Cracking pool decks can drastically decrease the value of your home
    Peeling is another form of common damage to pool decking that can root from improper installation, age or even low-quality materials. Heres how a peeling deck can affect your home:
    • When decking begins to peel, you must act fast as the longer the peeling is exposed to water and the elements, the affected area will only spread
    • When the decking begins to peel, it could also mean that water is seeping through the concrete slab under the coating
    • If large portions of the deck have peeled up, a full resurfacing process may be required
    Pool Deck Repair Near Me
    Fading is one of the repairs that some contractors will try to make a big deal of but it is actually one of the easiest repairs that can be completed on the concrete pool deck.
    • Faded sealers and paints are the cause of the decking becoming slippery to the point of it being unsafe
    • Faded sealers and paints will leave your concrete coating exposed to the sun which will rapidly deteriorate the coating
    • Faded materials on the pool deck can make the deck much hotter, sometimes to the point of actual burns
    Swimming Pool Concrete Deck Repair
    Not only can repairs make your deck safer and more attractive, but repairs can also make your decking stronger and last longer as well.
    • When pool deck crack repair is made, the weak point of the deck is made stronger by using high-grade materials to patch and repair the affected section. This, in turn, makes the deck stronger
    • Because all forms of damage have been removed from the deck, there will no longer be any leaks or exposure to harsh UV rays that deteriorate the decking with time
    • We offer a 1-year warranty as well
    Pool Deck Coating Repair
    The biggest benefit of having your pool deck repaired is the increase in safety so you can rest assured when you and your family are using the pool:
    • All cracks and gouges will be filled and covered back with the original coating to remove all tripping hazards
    • When are peeling areas are repaired, we use high-grade adhesives to make sure the peeling stop then and there so you won’t have to worry about chunks of pool decking ending up in your pool pump!
    • Resealed and painted decks give you the slip, skid, and heat resistance you need to enjoy the pool!
    Pool Cool Deck Repair
    Investment Factor
    What would any service for your home be if it wasn’t going to further your investment in your home? Heres how a pool deck repair can help protect and even further your investment:
    • When a pool deck is in good working order with no signs of damage, it can drastically increase the value of your home by the thousands
    • When concrete pool deck repair takes place, it is known that the same slab is capable of lasting decades after the repair has been performed
    • Pool decking repair can even help your home sell faster
    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    If your pool deck is too far gone, don’t fret! We offer another service for pool decking known as pool deck resurfacing that will still save you thousands compared to replacing your concrete. With pool deck resurfacing you can:
    • Completely customize your deck using our wide array of materials ranging from pavers to stamped concrete
    • Save weeks of time refinishing your pool deck because summer is right around the corner!
    • Learn more on our Pool Deck Resurfacing Page!
    Pool Deck Repair Companies
    You Can Trust Us!
    As one of the top pool decking companies in Fort Wayne, we hold ourselves to a different level than other pool decking companies everywhere. We are a local company that has one goal, to provide only the best service, materials and finishes to our neighbors in Fort Wayne. If you want a pool deck contractor that knows what it takes to get the job done right the first time, give us a call today to receive a free quote!
    To discover more about pool deck repair and resurfacing check out the homepage!