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5 Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

When your pool deck is showing its age, you may be considering what to do. Should you have the pool deck replaced? Just ignore its faded color and cracks? Pool deck resurfacing in Fort Wayne is a cost-effective solution to give your pool deck new life, color, and style. Here are just five of the benefits to consider when deciding if pool deck resurfacing is a good investment.

#1. Makes Your Pool Deck Look Better Than New
Tired of your aging concrete that was once beautiful and admired but is now covered with cracks, stains, and other flaws? Pool deck resurfacing can make your pool deck look just like it did when it was newly installed — or even better! A basic resurfacing product can give you a brand-new, gray or colored concrete surface with a cement overlay. You can also choose a different look, effectively giving your pool deck a facelift and the style you’re after.

#2. Options for Every Budget and Style
Pool deck resurfacing can be very affordable or a major investment depending on the style and options you choose. The good news is there’s a resurfacing solution for every budget. Microtoppings like acrylic coatings are one of the most affordable concrete resurfacing options and they offer fade-resistant color and texture that can be customized to your style. Stained, stamped concrete overlays can be more expensive but still a fraction of the cost of flagstone, pavers, or brick with the same elegant look.

#3. New, Slip-Resistant Texture
Over time, the surface of your concrete pool deck wears down and becomes too smooth with frequent foot traffic. This can make your pool deck a dangerous slip hazard. Swimming pool sip and fall injuries can be serious and even fatal. Resurfacing your pool deck doesn’t just address cracks, unsightly stains, and color; it also gives your concrete a new skid-resistant texture that makes your poolscape safer and more beautiful.

#4. More Affordable Than Replacement
Even if your concrete pool deck has lifted or sunken areas, it can still be a good candidate for resurfacing. Most concrete can be resurfaced as long as it’s structurally sound and resurfacing is virtually always more affordable than jackhammering, removing, and replacing the pool deck. In fact, even the most elegant and costly resurfacing options cost a fraction of what it would take to get a new pool deck installed.

#5. Gives You the Look of a High-End Material
Achieving the look of a costly premium material like slate, flagstone, pavers, or wood doesn’t need to cost a fortune. There are pool deck resurfacing options that can make your pool deck closely resemble a premium material at a fraction of the cost. One of the most popular is a stained stamped concrete overlay. This technique involves a concrete overlay that’s stained and stamped with special stamping pads to give you the realistic texture and natural color variations of the material of your choice.