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SunDek vs GraniFlex Pool Deck Coatings

When it’s time to resurface your pool deck, a concrete coating system is a great choice to give your pool deck a brand-new look, a safer texture, and long-lasting protection. In Fort Wayne, you’re likely to hear about two common brands of concrete coatings for pool decks: SunDek and GraniFlex. Here’s how they compare and what you should know about each option.

What Are SunDek Coatings?
SunDek refers to acrylic decorative concrete coatings that allow you to add new texture and color to your exterior concrete surfaces. SunDek overlays can be used to repair minor damage and resurface your concrete pool deck with a huge array of design options. SunDek is best known for the Classic Texture Splatter Knockdown finish that you’ll see on pool decks across the United States but they have several mix and match systems that can give you a huge variety of textures and colors.

The line of decorative concrete overlays from SunDek come in many colors and texture options. They can even be stamped to give you the look of limestone or vibrant shades like blue, green, and orange. Concrete resurfacing contractors can use any number of Sundek water-based acrylic stains to give your concrete the look of rich wood planks complete with wood grain patterns and textures or the multicolored, natural look of stone tile.

What Are GraniFlex Coatings?
GraniFlex is a fast solution to resurface your pool deck with a decorative and flexible membrane that permeates and coats your concrete. GraniFlex is installed as a multi-layer system when you want to protect concrete from moisture and get the look of granite.

GraniFlex can also be used to address minor cracks like SunDek with a skid-resistant texture and a wide variety of design options. This product is unique because it creates a completely waterproof rubber membrane that’s highly resistant to cracks. GraniFlex, however, is designed to give you the look of granite or stone with a system that uses custom chip blends like quartz and color flakes.

As a general rule, GraniFlex systems tend to be more expensive but they last longer. GraniFlex is the best choice if you want the look of granite with the color blend of your choice. SunDek offers a greater variety of design options as it’s easy to get the look of many high-end materials thanks to SunDek’s large line of products and concrete coating systems. SunDek products have greater brand recognition but you should expect to resurface a SunDek surface before a GraniFlex surface.